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Volcanes Kids Education Project (VKEP), is a nonprofit community-based, charitable organization with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty by inspiring and empowering children to stay in school and dream big.

Volcanes is a small, impoverished community located on the edge of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Before the VKEP’s inception, many children in Volcanes dropped out of school after primary school or middle school.

The primary objective of VKEP has been to provide students in grades 1-12, in the local public school with the necessary academic, emotional and physical support to stay in school. VKEP began with 60 students in 2011. Today, in 2019, close to 400 young people participate in VKEP’s activities that occur before or after their public school classes every day. We have helped 32 of those students go to university.

Due to meager funding and inadequate resources in Volcanes, too many students slip through the public school system with little or no English, computer, math skills or reading and writing skills in their native language. VKEP addresses this need by supplementing the school’s curriculum with English and computer classes along with math tutoring, Spanish intervention, a complete library with laptop computers, music classes, sports, arts, environmental and social activities.

Reaching Out. Empowering a Generation!

VKEP has made a huge difference in Volcanes in just in eight years. Our expanding enrollment speaks to the need and the value students gain from attending our programs. VKEP needs your help to support one or more children enrolled in this program. Making a donation will help us ensure that our doors are always open for children of Volcanes.

What makes VKEP Unique

  1. VKEP ensures a “safe haven” for youth, far from the stressful situations they face at home.
  2. VKEP’s teachers are all highly dedicated, professional and caring.
  3. VKEP has strong, positive links and cooperation with the community.
  4. VKEP has keenly invested volunteers, teachers, administration, donors and other community stakeholders.
  5. Before VKEP, it was unheard of for youth in Volcanes to go on to university. Now, 32 of its alumni are attending university. Their studies include medicine, architecture and science.
  6. All of our activities are regularly evaluated to ensure they meet organizational goals.

The successes of VKEP have been many and heartwarming. This project is changing the community.

The successes of VKEP have been many and heartwarming. It is this project that is truly changing the community to one of desperate poverty to one of real change toward a better life for all who live in Volcanes.

What has been accomplished by VKEP has come to the attention not only to the children and their parents of Volcanes, but it has caught the attention of several levels of government and local businesses. The level of poverty has declined in the small colonia as the literacy rate has increased along with the number of children continuing to stay in school.

Until the inception of VKEP most children, if in school at all, rarely graduated from primary school, much less secondary or high school. An impoverished existence continued, generation after generation.

VKEP has an excellent track-record and a solid plan in place for long-term service to the community. VKEP, and specifically VKEP, by offering education opportunities creates less poverty, less stress, less crime, an increase in standard of living and greater equal opportunity in the community.

What our staff have to say

“Volcanes is personal to me because I grew up in extreme poverty like most kids we work with. Education turned my life around, and VKEP gives us the opportunity to change lives through education. VKEP is part of my soul. I LOVE THIS PLACE. I love what we do here.“
Victor Aguirre
Director & Teacher
“I love working at VKEP because it’s very rewarding to witness how we help kids better their lives. Seeing the excitement on my students’ faces when they score high on their English test or win a game in the classroom, makes it all worthwhile.”
Emily McCarthy
English Teacher
“I love this place. It is full of love, peace and harmony. I have seen the benefits of this program first hand. It fills my heart with happiness to see that my community has become a better place because of VKEP, and I am part of this amazing team.”
Olga Lucero Perez Bravo
Administrator, Librarian, Character Counts & Literature Teacher
“I came to VKEP as a volunteer. This program inspired me to become a teacher. I love giving back. I love the school, and I love the children.”
Ana Valencia
English Teacher
“I love coming here and teaching children and adults. To hear them say, “See you next class,” gives me great satisfaction. Knowing I am part of the VKEP team and knowing how this program is changing lives is a great blessing, for this community and for all of us.”
Diego Meza Quintero
Technology Teacher
“I am so excited to be part of the VKEP team. Every day the students learn something new. I love teaching them. I love to listen to them when they express how much they love being here, because I truly agree with them. I love being here.”
Magaly Moramontes Cibrian
Dance Teacher & Community Liaison
Working at VKEP is a dream. It is so different for me. I have been working with children for 20 years and the kids in Volcanes have given me so much peace, so much love, I am in awe of my students.”
Maricarmen Virgin Robles
Academic Intervention Teacher,

A music video that was partly recorded in our school

Our Founders

Mr. Art Fumerton has been working in the poorest neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta for over 25 years. He is a former Army Lieutenant in the U.S. Army who served in the Vietnam War. He and his wife, Mrs. Mayra Fumerton, are the founders of the Volcanes Kids Education Program.

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